SpaceCable Product Features

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SpaceCable is a 3D Cabling and Harness Design software solution. The product consists of four main functionality areas  "Cable Harness Design", "Cable Manufacturing", bidirectional "E-CAD Interface" and "Electrical Components Library"
Harness Design 
includes the complete 3D cabling functionality.
Cable Manufacturing
flattens the 3D harness model into 2D nailboard drawings.
Main Features
Manual Routing
Auto Routing
Cable Grouping
Cabling Units (Subharnesses)
Automated Reports
Design Rule Checking
PDM Integration
Main Features
Associativity between 3D and 2D
Flattening with original or scaled size
Automatic Dimensioning
Placement of other manufacturing notes
Customization tools for the 2D output
Export of wire length information
E-CAD Interface
connects to E-CAD systems  through the wirelist data.

Electical Components Library
includes  hundreds of Electrical components in native format.

Main Features
Connection with any E-CAD system
Dynamic comparison with wirelist
Automatic air-wires between components
Checks for invalid and missing connections

Main Features
Native pkg models
Pin informations
Snap-in technology
Manufacturer data
Reference Designations
Connector Definitions

There are more than 1000 ready to use components.