Harness Strategies

Harness Strategies

SpaceCable is an universal 3D Cabling and Harnessing solution, which could be applied at different industries in different ways due to the flexible customization possibitiles and rich macro language of SpaceCable. Different type of harness strategies could be realized with SpaceCable defined by the types of industries, the centricity of design methodologies and the types of connections.

By Industries

Several industries are currently in urgent need of advanced 3D Cabling solutions with own industry requirements.

SpaceCable has dedicated 3D Cabling functiıonalities for

  • Electronics Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • General Machinery Industry
  • Control Panel Industry

By Centricity

  • M-CAD centric: Harness documentation is done in M-CAD site.
  • E-CAD centric: Harness documentation is done in E-CAD site.

By Connectivity

  • All Pins Definition: All wires going to a single device are connected one by one to individual pins

  • One Pin Definition: One single wire is connected to one point  on the connector only - representing  all connected wires together

  • No Pin Definition: No connection at all. The connectivity is decided by the channel edge to device distance  (define no pins)