SpaceCable V22 Enhancements

Version 22 Focus


We are excited to announce the latest release of SpaceCable, Version 22, which focuses on productivity by making your innovative 3D designs go to production faster.
This new release contains many exciting improvements and capabilities that help you drive innovation.
Our goal for SpaceCable V22 was to focus on ready-to-use prefabricated cables, improving the performance of checks for bend radii, more realistic visualizations, enhanced hydraulic and pneumatic functions, continuous quality improvement, and improvements that make the design process more productive.
Below are more specific details about this release and implemented functionalities, including short videos.


Prefabricated Cables


A new structural entity of “Prefabricated cables” is introduced. Prefabricated cables are ready cables and provide 100 % adhesion between connector housing and cable.

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New Cable Library


A new set of tools to define cable libraries are introduced in this version.

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Large Wire Assemblies


Now it is possible to create parallel running wires in a bundle automatically from channels. Wires in the channel can be created manually as well automatically by ECAD connection list.

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Multi wires on edges


Now it is possible to route multi wires on edges.

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