SpaceCable V20 Enhancements

Version Focus


This release focuses on four main areas: more functionality for design with wires, dynamic modifications,  more possibilities for detailed cabling manufacturing drawings and easier customizations.  Besides them many other usability improvements and fixing of bugs have been made for the new version.


New Selection Method for Wires


A new selection tool (circle) has been added to the already existing selection methodss. Simply click the wires to be manupilated and catch all the wires inside the selection circle.

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Tangency at any points of wires


Now it is possible to add and modify the tangency at any point of wires (including start- and end-points)

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Heat Shrink tubes


Now it is possible to design heat shrink tubes

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Realistic cable tie wraps


Now we can adjust the cable tie in such a way, that it is tightly placed on the cable bundle.

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