SpaceCable V20 Enhancements

New Fixtures


Now every fixture has  workplanes with defined 'passing points' in a container under the part.
Depending on the first wire selected, which goes through the fixture, a workplane is selected for passing points.
Wires which are added to the fixture find next empty point on the workplane to pass through the fixture.

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New option for modifications of fixtures


There is now a new option for rotating the fixtures precisely.  All fixture modification commands like 'Move', 'Free' and'Wire to Cable Tie' have this option.

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New Terminal Library


Now there is a completely rewritten terminal library, which includes heat shrink tubes and 2D views also.

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New Fixture Library


Now there is a completely rewritten fixture library, which includes passing points on the fixtures next to several new fixture elements..

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New E-CAD Reader: EPLAN


Next to the existing E-CAD Reader for E3.series it is now possible to read Net List and Parts List data from EPLAN as well.