SpaceCable V20 Enhancements

New concept for customization and data files

Every user (company) has his own customization files (manufacturing drawing, library components…) under his name next to the default files.

Users can now customize SpaceCable without affecting the default settings

SpaceCable customization concept is completely reorganized.
There is a now subfolder" ../Personality" under SpaceCable installation folder.


In this folder, for each customization need, there should be a subfolder.
The default customization folder is called "Default" and it is delivered with SpaceCable.
All customizable files are now in this folder
You should not make any changes to the files in this folder.


Just copy this "default" folder to a new folder and rename it to "XXX“
In the settings dialog, you can now select "XXX“
Now exit and restart Creo and SpaceCable.
Next time you start SpaceCable, SpaceCable will read all files from the XXX folder.

With this new method :
- customizations can be kept in a separate folder and then transferred to every new SpaceCable version.
- User copy, play around and test  then can always go back to the correct settings.
- Original files are never destroyed

All text files. library files, ccf files, customization files, mi-files, sketches, 2d views etc can be customized



Dummy Pictures


If there is no 2D connector view supplied by the user, a dummy connector view picture will be taken and used in cabling manufacturing drawings.



Annotation Drawings for Wires

Users  can also generate drawings for wires which are not in the channels.


Drawing of wires connected with multiple connectors, splices and terminals are now possible

To make a wire drawing :

a) Make 3D model
b) Create the flattened geometry on the workplane
c) Modify the drawing by moving the device sketches. Connection lines move together with device sketches
d) Fit to paper size
e) Send to Annotation



Wire Drawing with connectors at both ends


Now it is possible to quickly generate a wire drawing from a cable with connectors on both ends.

We support open wires and twisted wires.

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New settings strategy - "Two level settings"

Now users can do settings online inside a dialog instead of editing customization files.

In previous versions the settings and customizations were done exclusively in the file 'sc_customizations.lsp' ("One level settings").  

Many users did not know how to make settings and practically did not use all the possibilities.

From this version on, we will have "Two level settings" for easier settings by unexperienced users,  thus 'sc_customizations.lsp' will still stay as it is, but users can now 'overwrite' the setting values of this file online within the "Settings Menu" of SpaceCable.

Read order during the loading of SpaceCable:
- first the settings of 'sc_customizations.lsp' is read.
- then the settings are read, which are done with the "Settings Menu".

In this way, the settings created with the "Settings Menu" will always overwrite the setting values of the file 'sc_customizations.lsp' and they will have priority over entries of the 'sc_customizations.lsp' file.