SpaceCable V20 Enhancements


Splices for Wires


Now users can add splices outside of channels and connect wires to them. Splices will be shown in the wire drawing.



Dynamic Tie wraps


Now it is possible to add the tie wraps dynamically depending on the diameter of the wire bundle. The tie wrap fits automatically to the outer radius of the bundle

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Multiple Drawing Sheets


Before sending drawing to Annotation, you can decide to “Add a new sheet” or “Replace” the existing the drawing.



Wire Analysis


Now it is possible to make analyses on wires, we can get answers to questions like, "Show all wires longer than a certain length", "Highlight wires over a certain length" etc

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Wire Length monitoring


Now it is possible to enter maximum lengths for wires and ask SpaceCable to show the violations.  User selects wires and assigns them a maximum length information.
SpaceCable will then check wires with 'Monitor Length' information and highlight them