SpaceCable V20 Enhancements

Unsupported SpaceCable functions (Goodies) 

SpaceCable unsupported functions of  Creo Toolbox can be now automatically added or cleaned with a single setting.


At the previous SpaceCable versions, the unsupported functions were always automatically added to toolbox by default. Now user can decidethe to add them to the toolbox or not.


To stop the commands to be added  to the toolbox, use the "Settings" menu and check off the  " [ ] Add to Toolbox check box“

Afterwards  the user have to restart Creo and SpaceCable.


On-the-fly Reference Designators

Now users can attach reference designators to splices, resistors and diodes at the time of their creation.



New setting for unicode files

Now we have a new setting for reading and writing of unicode files


For 'Japanese' users - it is necessary to "un-select" the Unicode option for correct reading of *.txt files  like splice names, color names ..  .


Enhanced BOM

Now  manifolds and shrink tubes are also listed and processed in BOM.

Now the BOM Table is positioned with position numbers on the wire drawing.



German localization

German language is now officially supported.