SpaceCable V20 Enhancements

New E-CAD Link: E3.Series


Now there is a direct bidectional link between SpaceCable and E3.Series through Zuken's E3 Routing Bridge Link.
The link is based on XML Format and can be accessed both from M-CAD (SpaceCable) and E-CAD (E3.Series)


Working with twisted wires



Twisted wires can be put and un-routed from the channel.

When twisted wires are un-routed from channel, they become automatically twisted again.


After adding twisted wires to channel and then when you un-route them again, in previous versions, they were not twisted again. Now after un-routing they will be automatically retwisted again.


Wires which have been twisted prior pushing them into the channel, get automatically re-twisted when you move them out of channel.


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Wires in fixtures


While manually putting a wire into fixture - users can define and modify wire locations so that they are are on top of each other.
In previous versions all wires were passing through the center of the fixture thus laying on top of each other.



Rearranging wires and fixtures


Now it is possible to rearrange the wires in one or in more fixtures at the same time. The change will be applied to all fixtures.

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Pulling existing wires together


Now it is possible to pull the a group of wires together like in real life.