SpaceCable V21 Enhancements

Create a viewport showing the harness only


In the channel editor users can now switch to a new viewport for better visibility. Afterwards with one click the user can go back to the original viewport.

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Convert single or connected 2D/3D edges to wire


Sometimes it is necessary to combine connected edges to a single spline. Often this function is used if the user wants to use connected channel edges for the creation of a wire bundle.

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Replacement of connectors


Users can easily replace one connector with another one. Connected wires will be transferred to new connector automatically. User can also use this function to switch wires inside a connector.

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Multiple Connections at Pins


Now there is a new option to attach more than one wire to a pin while using the PIN TABLE function. In this case, the radio button will not be checked but a star will be placed next to the pin name and user can still use this pin to connect. There is a setting in the menu to allow this option or not.

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Virtual guides for wires


Support of virtual guides are now enabled also for single wire operations. Until this version virtual guides were only available for channel creation..