SpaceCable V21 Enhancements

Wires on solid face of another wire or channel


To create a wire running parallel to another wire users can now use this new function. The new wire will run parallel to the selected wires at the selection point.

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Possibility to delete points to have smoother curves while moving end point of curves


If user moves the end point of a wire, in certain times points, which are laying close the end point would keep their positions and make the curvature not to look nice. Now users can with one click delete points one by one to get a smoother curve, while still staying in the menu.

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Fluids Functions (in module "Automotive Accelerator")


New functionality addtions to Automotice Accelerator in the area of hydraulics, pneumatics and cooling.

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New help system with customizable videos


All dialogs can now be connected with help videos in English or in local languages. Users and resellers can also add now own videos to dialogs and tabs.

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Bundle Editor


Now users can use the Bundle Editor to define a bundle of wires. The bundle can be stored in a library for future use or it can be attached to the current harness. Later users can apply this bundle definition on splines to create parallel running wires.